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Kitties Need Home(s)

“Clover” is about 4mo old.  She is fully weaned and litter trained.  She is a grey and black tabby with an adorable spotted belly.  She is still young and playful, but very gentle with our other cat and our kids. She is up-to-date on all vaccines and I can provide records. She is not old enough to be spayed.

“Marmalade” is a very chill, male orange and white short-hair. He’s about 1.5yo. He has a mellow personality and loves to sleep most of the day,. He does play more now with the little kitten around. He uses his scratch post instead of our furniture and isn’t a climber.  He is very very gentle with little kids (they tote him around all day in their arms and he has never bitten or hurt them intentionally) and friendly with the kitten (He is neutered and also up-to-date on all his vaccinations.  He sleeps at the foot of our bed at night and likes to drink water from the drip in the bathtub or the fish tank but has never once tried to topple the tank or “go fishing” for a snack.  He is a sweet, gentle soul.

Invest in a Cunningham Business


The city of Turon is now taking applications for a part-time sub-clerk. Job will entail taking water bill payments as well as maintaining general office upkeep and other things. 
Applications can be picked up at Turon City Office at 301 E. Price. Or call with any questions:

The Cunningham Car Wash is for sale. Contact Ryan Hanhardt at 951-445-5874
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